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Basically my personality in stamps

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Welcome to my crappy little profile~
My name is Amy, I mostly draw dragons or generally weird shit. I'm not very talented in the drawing area but I do it anyways. I don't have a lot of friends on here, just friendly strangers I think. I may come off as an asshole but feel free to talk to me, and if you seem like a nice person with good views on life I'll probably perk up. My interests include Gaming, Paleontology, Space, Marine life, Drag Queens, Reading, and Disney Movies. There's a lot more but I don't want to give you a wall of text. I also play Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon X. If you want to add my friend code just let me know!
If anyone who knows me as a friend, or anyone in general I guess, wants to contact me on something other than DA, here's where you can find me.
Chatango: OctopusBellies
Gaiaonline: OctopusBellies
Skype: Note me
Steam: Rugissement
Flights Rising: Rugissement

Anyways, Some of the people I have strong connections with (in no order) are

And some of my Idols on DA are Posted below

Animal Crossing
I play animal crossing like I'm addicted to crack.
I recently restarted my town.
Town name: Faareyth
Mayor: Belly
Native Fruit:Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Dream Address: None yet
Current Villagers: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
If you want to exchange friend codes, PLEASE Tell me!
  • Mood: Welcoming
  • Listening to: Game Grumps
I'm bored so I'm doing it
Tagged by :iconlozwozhere:

1. Okay, first the most-common stuff: What the hell are you and where are you from?


2. Pfff... Who knows that country? In which continent is it, which language do you speak there and how is the flag?

Oh please. North America, English/French but we have a huge mixing pot of cultures/languages here. Flag is the majestic and scary maple leaf.

3. Worst flag ever. Angry? Give me the best insults in your language.


4. We all know... All countries have problems with others. Tell me the countries people of yours normally hate, why and what do you think about it

USA but we're more scared of them since they're like the angry neglected siblings who recently discovered he likes hunting. 

5. The rest of the world always has stereotypes about your country, tell me about them. Are they true or should the rest of the world shut up?

Well. My province had riots when the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley cup in 2010...

6. Sports: Tell me which is the most popular in your country and if you like it.

Hockey, Don't mind it.

7. Politics: If you were the president or whatever, what laws would you love to have added to your country?

HMM How about actually funding things like SCHOOLS AND HEALTH CARE WORKERS INSTEAD OF CUTTING THEIR PAYCHECKS/BUDGETS! *coughs and smooths sweater* Moving on...

8. I'm glad you're not the president then. Let's see... Do you hate anything about your country?

None of my friends like live here?????

9. TV and music: Favourite TV show or music band (or singer) from your country 

I don't think I have any, or am aware of any...

10. The most important one: Where do the people of your country normally go when they want to get laid?

Here? The woods, a bar, or eachothers houses. 

11. I need to go there then. Now tell me about your food, drink and dance. And also tell me which currency is used in your country. Yes, all of that.

Poutine. French fries with cheese curds and gravy. Nuff said. We drink Canadian Beer a lot and our dancing is yelling at TV sets. We use Canadian Dollars, Similar to the USA currency but the bills are rainbow, plastic, and the $100 bills smell like maple syrup.
I'm not kidding.

12. And now the last thingy. Tag 5 people from other countries and spread the fun.

Frick I tag DoragonHinansho and basically anyone else who wants to know this since I'm tired.

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